If supporting local is near and dear to your heart but personal budget considerations are limiting your efforts then you’re in luck! Showing your support for local businesses isn’t only about monetary contributions, there are a variety of cost free practices you can deploy to help out small businesses in need. Here are six things you can do to support local businesses without opening your wallet.

  1. Write a positive review

Reviews are important. Many people read reviews before selecting where to eat and who to buy from. Head over to your favourite local business’ Google My Business page, Facebook page, and/or website to leave your positive review to help them attract more customers!

2. Tell your friends and family

Word of mouth goes a long way. Despite all the ways marketing and advertising can influence consumer decisions, good old fashioned word of mouth is still incredibly important. Being aware of the local options in your neighbourhood and spreading the word to your friends, family members, and coworkers can really help to make a difference for a struggling local business.

3. Follow on social media

This one may seem insignificant but it definitely matters! Having a larger following on social can help small businesses to stand out in the crowd especially when competing with large “big box” store competitors that have million dollar marketing budgets. Don’t be shy, hit that like/follow/subscribe button and make a difference for your local businesses!

4. Engage with their social content

Everyone likes to feel like they’re being seen and heard. Your local business might be struggling to manage day-to-day operations while also finding the time to post content online. By liking, commenting on, and tagging friends in their social content you are not only boosting the morale of your local business owners but also helping the social platform algorithms show their content to more people. Your likes and comments can make a big difference!

5. Give them a shout out

Use your influence for good. If you’re already posting regularly why not share your experiences and recommendations with your own audience on social media? By creating original content for a business, using their hashtags, and tagging them in your posts you can really help to bring more attention to a small business. Plus, you just might help one of your friends/followers find something they need, everyone wins!

6. Sign up for their newsletter

Sign up to stay in the loop and show your support. Signing up for a business’ newsletter allows them to speak directly to you and grow their subscriber list. Plus, you’ll have the inside scoop on any sales and promotions happening in the future that you can take advantage of and also share with your network!