20 Questions & #FunFacts About Mississauga

To celebrate Tourism Week, we wanted to highlight some of the fun facts about Mississauga, and reasons to go exploring in your own backyard. Take the quiz below, and see how much you know about your city and your local neighbourhood. Be sure to tally your score, and tell us how you rank up in the comments.

1. Do you know, where Mississauga ranks among the largest cities in Canada?

Answer: Mississauga is the 6th largest city in Canada!
Bonus Fact: #DYK the TOP 5 cities are Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Ottawa, Edmonton

2. Do you know, how many parks and kms of trails are in Mississauga?

Answer: Mississauga has over 500 parks, and over 400kms of multi-use trails!

3. Do you know, how many restaurants AND retail stores are in Mississauga?

Answer: Mississauga has over 1,200 restaurants and more than 2,800 retail shops!
Bonus fact: #DYK you can taste cuisines from over 150 different countries, here at home

4. Do you know, how many floors the Absolute Towers have combined?

Answer: Tower 1 has 50 floors, and Tower 2 has 56 floors for a total of 106 floors!
Bonus fact: #DYK the “Marilyn Monroe” towers are built with a exactly a 209-degree twist

5. Did you know, that the Avro Arrow, also knows as the CF-105 was a jet interceptor aircraft designed, built and flown in this local neighbourhood?

Answer: Malton
Bonus Fact: #DYK that the local newspaper in Malton was call “The Malton Pilot” back in the 1970s

6. Do you know, which local neighbourhood was home to the 1st commercial winery in Canada?

Answer: The Clair House Winery was established in Cooksville back in the 1860s.
And yes, this really was the FIRST commercial winery in CANADA!!

7. Can you guess which local event has been all the buzz for almost the last 50 years, AND attracts over 40,000 people each year?

Answer: Streetsville’s Bread and Honey Festival was founded in 1973.
Bonus Fact: #DYK The event will celebrate it’s 50th event anniversary in 2023!

8. Do you know, where the oldest commercial building in Mississauga is located?

Answer: The “Montreal House”, located at 210 Queen Street South, was first opened it in 1821.
Bonus Fact: #DYK The building is still home to several local businesses in the heart of Streetsville

9. Do you know, which local village has been around since 1808, AND is home to two of Mississauga’s local historical museums?

Answer: Clarkson Village was one of Mississauga’s earliest neighbourhoods, and has been around for over 200 years. It is also home to the Bradley Museum & The Beneres Historic House

10. Do you know, which local park is the last remaining lakefront marsh between Toronto and Burlington?

Answer: Rattray Marsh, a Credit Valley Conservation Area, offers a rare natural cobble beach, boardwalk trails and marshland habitats on 90 acres of Lake Ontario Shoreline

11. Do you know, where Mississauga’s “Sister City” is located in the world?

Answer: Mississauga’s sister city is located in Kariya, Japan
Bonus Fact: #DYK Kariya Park is home to some of Mississauga’s most beautiful Cherry Blossom Trees and this year will mark the 40th anniversary!

12. Do you know, which local shopping centre has been around for almost 50 years AND has over 300 stores?

Answer: Square One Shopping Centre first opened its doors in 1973 and is the largest mall in Ontario.
Bonus Fact: #DYK Square One is the second largest mall in Canada, after the West Edmonton Mall

13. Do you know, which famous fast food founder once lived in Mississauga?

Answer: The popular franchise founder, Colonel Sanders (KFC), lived in Mississauga from 1965 to 1980.

14. Do you know, the name of Mississauga’s 5th mayor, AND the oldest mayor in the world?

Answer: Former Mayor (Hurricane) Hazel McCallion retired at the age of 93 in 2014, after serving as Mississauga’s legendary mayor for over 35 years!
Bonus Fact: #DYK Hazel McCallion celebrated her 100th birthday in February 2021!

15. Do you know, the name of the largest airport in Canada AND can you guess how many travellers pass through each year?

Answer: Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ), serves over 47 Million travellers each year

16. Do you know, the name of the local stadium that the Raptors 905 AND the Mississauga Steelheads (OHL) call home?

Answer: Paramount Fine Foods Centre, is home to both teams and has seating for over 5,000 fans!
Bonus Fact: #DYK the Raptors 905 were the G-League champs in 2017

18. Can you guess, which popular waterfront destination is home to over 3.5kms of patios every summer?

Answer: Port Credit is one of the City’s most popular areas and is widely known not only its waterfront views but also its vibrant patios – perfect for people watching!
Bonus Fact: #DYK Port Credit is also home to 477 local businesses and restaurants

18. Do you know, where the largest public marina in the region is located?

Answer: The Port Credit Harbour Marina, at the mouth of the credit river and occupies 18 acres of land and 49 acres of water
Bonus Fact: #DYK This local lighthouse is one of 250 working lighthouses in Ontario!

19. Do you know, which local “parkland style” golf course has hosted the Canadian Open twice?

Answer: Lakeview Golf Course, is a hidden gem within the city & hosted the Open in 1923 & 1934
Bonus Fact: #DYK BraeBen Golf Course has some of the highest elevations in Mississauga

20. Do you know, the name of Mississauga’s largest outdoor amphitheatre and year-round event venue?

Answer: Mississauga Celebration Square, located in the heart of downtown is 6.6 acres of public space and is home to many food & cultural festivals each year!
Bonus Fact: #DYK Canada Day at Celebration Square attracts over 75,000 people each year!

How did you score? Correct Answers:

  • 15 – 20 = Resident Expert
  • 10 – 14 = Tour Guide in Training
  • 5 – 9 = New to the Neighbourhood
  • >5 = Got More to Explore

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