Support Local & Celebrate Cinco De Mayo

As May the 5th & Cinco de Mayo quickly approaches, it begs the age old question of which do you prefer – Tacos? or Burritos? And that is just the beginning. From there the questions keep coming…

  • Hard Shell? or Soft Shell?
  • Brown Rice? or White Rice?
  • Steak? or Chicken? (or Veg?)
  • Hot? Medium? Mild?
  • Guac? or no Guac? (this one is a no-brainer!)

With so many options and choices there are no wrong answers, the only important question is –
Are you hungry?!

If the answer is yes, and you are looking for ways to celebrate and support local restaurants near you, be sure to check out Taste of Mississauga! There you can browse through a variety of different culinary options and can find a list of Local Mexican Restaurants offering some of the best tacos and burritos in Mississauga!